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Welcome to Phonon's Official International Online Store. PHONON is a Hi Fidelity equipment brand from Japan, providing a unique concept and a new approach to sound. Our aim is to lead the world in the pursuit of total sound quality.


The magic is in the precision Tuning by veteran sound and mastering engineer Isao Kumano. Isao achieves perfectly balanced reproduction of the original intent of the musician/producer. The effect to the listener is an alignment of all the frequencies at the right time, producing an unmatched experience.
Phonon SMB-03

Phonon SMB-03

Excellent space definition and stunning low volume playback for headphone mixing, making it perfect for studio monitoring, DJing, or enjoying the purest quality of playback from your favorite track.

Phonon SMB-02

Features thick but lightweight earpads that remain comfortable even after long hours of use. Simply put, everything about these headphones is geared towards maximizing sound quality. Any features that diminish sound quality (like noise cancelation or wireless) have been purposely avoided.
Phonon SMB-02

Reviews + Testimonials

EAR IN Magazine
The SMB-01 and the ML-2 have won Best of 2021 in EAR IN magazine See complete review here.

– EAR IN Magazine

Ed Selley - Hifi Wigwam
"This is an excellent sounding and beautifully built headphone that consistently delivers a sound that is lively and powerful without being ruthlessly revealing of less than perfect or compressed material" See complete review here.

– Ed Selley - Hifi Wigwam

Best mid range headphones 2021, Vinyl Factory
"the SMB-01L are vigorously tested and tuned headphones that are acoustically balanced to resemble high end audio monitoring systems" See complete review here.

– Best mid range headphones 2021, Vinyl Factory

Laurent Garnier (DJ/Producer)
"Since I got my pair of Phonon SMB-02 headphones, they have become an essential element when it comes to checking my studio mixes. From the very crisp highs to the low, fat basses, these headphones simply never lie." See complete review here.

– Laurent Garnier (DJ/Producer)

Alex From Tokyo, DJ Producer
"The SMB-03 is the perfect multifunctional headphone" See complete review here.

– Alex From Tokyo, DJ Producer

Stephen Shirk, Shirk Studios
..."Once I tried the Phonon SMB-02 headphones, I was immediately hearing things consistently with how I hear them in my well tuned studio control room. Sometimes I think I hear even more detail in the SMB-02′s than I do in the studio. See complete review here.

– Stephen Shirk, Shirk Studios

Essential Headphones

Essential Headphones

Phonon Headphones are quickly becoming essential gear in the studio, Dj booth or for the audiophile, check out our reviews section to see why.

100% Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction

If these aren't the best sounding headphones you've tried - go ahead, do the blind test - then simply return them, unharmed within 15 days. Questions -
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Free Shipping

We now offer free shipping through our the world. For international buyers, please expect to pay VAT upon receipt

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SMB-02 Headphones
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