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PHONON SMB-03 Test by Bonedo


Here is a translation of a great detailed test review (4.5/5) by Mijk Van Djik on the top German music equipment related site Bonedo on our low-end monitoring headphones model the SMB-03:

The Phonon SMB-03 is equally suitable for playing and working on music”  

“symbiosis of DJ and studio headphones”


Stephen Shirk on the SMB-01L

The sound engineer and music producer Stephen Shirk talks about the SMB-01L from his great Shirk Studios in Chicago:
“I do find that the 01L's are a great way to listen back to finished mixes... Kind of like putting the mix up on the control room mains. It's a more enjoyable experience. Smooth and extended on both sides of the spectrum. I keep the 02's plugged into my Little Labs Monitor next to the console and my 01L's at home for checking my mixes outside of the studio.”
Thank you very much Stephen for your PHONON support!
Check out the SMB-01L
Check out the SMB-02


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