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The best studio headphones I have ever come across, Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier (DJ/producer)

“I have never used headphones before to finalise any of my studio productions, just because i feel that Ive never found the right pair. Since I got my pair of Phonon SMB-02 headphones , they have become an essential element when it comes to checking my studio mixes.  From the very crisp highs to the low fat basses, these headphones simply never lie. The Phonon headphones have become now an essential part of my studio work, as they are the best studio headphones I have ever come across”

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or check out the New Phonon 4000, they are the mobile version of the SMB-02 

The Story behind the Phonon & the SMB-02, by Isao Kumano, CEO & Master Engineer

 the New Phonon 4000 



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