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Charlotte Caluwaerts "I got hooked" on the PHONON headphones

Some great comments about the SMB-02 from the top Belgian singer/composer Charlotte Caluwaerts (
TUNDRA) for her vocal recordings and her live performances!
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"Since a half year or so, I got hooked on my pair of Phonon headphones. I use them to record vocals in the studio and when playing live as well.
With our band Rheinzand, it gets really loud on stage and it can get tricky to find the right pitch vocally.
These headphones saved my life during our performances. They are cristal clear and they play loud. Just the way I like it.
I love that you can use them for a controlled environment like studio, recordings or recordings for livestreams etc and that they are fit for the wild, loud gigs as well.
And on top of that: these are the only headphones that look good!"

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