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Phonon chat with Takada Midori

Midori Takada (percussionist and composer, Japan)

Midori Takada is a big fan of the SMB-02, so we sat down and asked her a few questions. below the interview

PHONON: What do you use headphones for?

Midori Takada: I use headphones when I record in the studio

PHONON:  What do you look for in a good pair of headphones?

Midori Takada:  I look for headphones that the ears don't get tired with, because I use them for long periods of time

PHONON: what is it about the SMB-02 that make you choose them?


Midori: I feel the sound of the SMB-02 is three-dimensional. Percussion instruments range widely from low to hi frequencies, and there are many noise components, so it is necessary to capture the separation of each sound with your ears. With the SMB-02 this is possible

Can you help us describe the sound of the SMB?

Midori:  My music is a complicated overlapping of frequencies, and the SMB-02 allows me to hear all the harmonic overtones from maximum to minimum volume without straining my hearing


Midori Takada is a masterful Japanese composer and percussionist whose output over the past 40 years weaves through solo, group and theatrical practices.

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