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the MUSICLIFE story

Isao Kumano with MUSICLIFE at the Phonon Studios in Japan
We proudly introduce MUSICLIFE, our speaker unit hand crafted in Japan with top sound quality. Over a decade in the making, MUSICLIFE is the brainchild of PHONON CEO Isao Kumano, one of Japan’s most well-respected mixing and mastering sound engineers. Working from the PHONON studio in Tokyo’s suburbs, Kumano-san’s projects range from hip hop to techno and feature top international artists like Carl Craig, Underground Resistance, Sly & Robbie, and many more. Drawing on his deep and long experience of more than 25 years in the studio producing and mastering music, and in the clubs setting up sound systems, Kumano-san finally realized his dream project, the MUSICLIFE.

MUSICLIFE at the Studio B-Electric Lady Studios

“My inspiration for MUSICLIFE came from the Sony boomboxes of the early 90s. A must-have in my studio and many others in Japan for simple monitoring, Sony’s boomboxes were the best. I used one after another until they were discontinued, then I bought them used online. Eventually the idea to create my own super updated version took over. MUSICLIFE is the product I always wanted to have. Portable and convenient with the high-quality resolution of a big speaker system. A one-unit stereo speaker packed with the complete PHONON sound. It’s my sonic bonsai!”
MUSICLIFE comes in two models, The ML-1 and the ML-2 have the same sound quality and functions, the difference between the 2 models is the wooden box. The ML-1 comes in versions (Sunburst and WoodyBlackMirror) uses a higher quality special polished wooden-box.
MUSICLIFE ML-1  the Luxurious special limited edition


Isao Kumano    
MUSICLIFE in the Phonon Studio, Japan

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